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Hope everyone had a great 2021!

The LOECC had a great year with returning members, new members, participation in

all club events, the condition of the course and improvements. We expect this to continue into 2022.

The dues cost will be the same again this year. We had a lot of new members with our Buddy Membership. The Buddy Membership was a one time opportunity to get new members enjoying our club and hope they will be back this year. We will be offering the Buddy Membership to new members again this year. You could not have been a member for

at least 3 years.

We have set a limit of 285 memberships for the 2022 season. Last year had 144 returning members and 138 new! The club purchased a new tractor, greens mower and pool furniture for a total of $27,464. We hired Randy as a part-time employee to focus on the greens and it paid off. Additional chemicals were used and the results were seen everywhere. The club was

able to negotiate past and future reductions in our real estate taxes with SI Power saving $1,000s.

For those who have not been to the course lately, #9 women's and men's tee boxes have been completely redone taking out the railroad ties and replacing them with landscape blocks. Pictures below.

We want to thank Mark, Tony, Scott, Randy, Tina and BJ for everything they did last year and we are excited for 2022!

Your membership application is attached along with information on the club that you can pass along to family or friends that have an interest in the LOECC.

If you have any questions please let us know.

The Board of Directors

2022 LOECC Membership Application
Download PDF • 66KB
2022 LOECC Membership Flier
Download PDF • 347KB


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