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THE DAYS are getting longer, and you know what that means. Golf season is coming! I consider the beginning of golf season to be around the second week of March. The greens have been mowed a few times, the zoysia is starting to turn green and the maintenance crew is back at it full time. And that’s how many weeks away?

Are you going to be ready? Don’t wait until your golf buddies call you for a game before you realize your clubs are still in the garage with a nest of something in the ball pocket and your shoes have dry rotted under the spare tire in your trunk! Here’s a quick informal checklist you might want to skim over before that first day of the best time of year gets here.

Are you in shape? There are some very simple stretching exercises you can do in your living room to improve your flexibility. Trust me, a brief routine of daily stretches will be better than those thirty practice swings on the first tee right before you pull a muscle. Simply Google “stretching exercises for golf” and you’ll find plenty of ideas to choose from.

Is your equipment ready? I’m not suggesting everyone go out and buy new clubs but if you’ve been playing the same set for several years, you might consider updating. Maybe your irons are outdated or just need new grips. Drivers, wedges, hybrids, fairway woods and putters have come a long way over the past few years. I strongly recommend you get fitted by an experienced PGA professional to get the most for your money. What a difference clubs make when they are fitted just for you.

We need Golf Lessons! While you’re getting fitted by that PGA professional consider taking two or three golf lessons to hit the ground running. I promise your buddies will be jealous when you’re swinging with confidence, and they are going through that 25 item swing checklist in their backswing!

Finally…Where are you going play? I’m possibly a little prejudiced but I recommend you consider the Lake of Egypt Country Club. It’s convenient, it’s the best golf bargain in Southern Illinois, and it has the absolute best members anywhere! The Lake offers something for everyone. The Monday Morning Men’s League and Tuesday Ladies’ League begin the first week of April and the Thursday evening Men’s League begins in May. There are many organized competitions such as the Club Championship, the Match Play Championship, the Masters Shootout, the Men’s League Scrambles, and many more.

If you are looking for a place to play, have lunch and an adult beverage, or go swimming (I forgot to mention we also have a bar, restaurant and swimming pool), come check us out. Our membership rates start at $656.25. And if you have never been a member before, until our membership cap is reached, we are still offering the Buddy Up Membership. This offer allows two new families to join for one year for the price of one. That is two full memberships for $866.25!

SO if you are thinking about GOLF now, reach out to us at, on our website, on Facebook or call us at (618) 995-2661. We’ll get you ready for The Season!

See you at The Lake!

Mark Faulkner, Club Pro


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